Rapid Back Pain Solutions

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My mission is to:

  • Make people feel the freedom of the movement, the pain-free life

  • Familiarize that your body is just yours and bear your worthy care

  • Teach that you can be strong and resilient, stable but airy at the same time

And to get all this to as many people as possible, to help as many people as possible, to take part in shaping a healthier and better world.

I am Gabor Fuzy. International Pilates Master Teacher, Tutor, and Therapist. I taught on Universities, lectured for Sport Federations and at Conferences around the World.

I have been working with Back Pain Patients over 20 years and the method I teach helped for tens of thousands with back pain.

This journey started with my very own back pain injury:

I was training at University for track and field, and one day, when we had a test, I felt a snap in my back. I even told to my coach I think I broke my back.

The next couple of days I could not move. It took me 5 minutes to get out of bed. I could not take a step without excruciating pain in my back. When I consulted with my doctor they found permanent damage in my spine and I have been left with two choices;

Painful surgery that would limit my mobility or exercise for life.
I was not ready to give up, I choose the second one, exercising for life!

This led me to a road of studying and experimenting more and more about back pain. After years of studying, I was able to come up with a technique, a method, where, in a very simple way, within seconds, I could precisely figure out where the root of the patient's back pain was located (because where is the pain is not where the problem is) and more than 70% of the time eliminating it within 5 minutes, permanently!

I remember a gymnast who had been suffering from severe pain for months, visiting every doctor and therapist with no results. 5 minutes into our first session she stood up, with confusion in her eyes, she said: "I don't understand this. There is no pain."

I've worked with thousands of patients, many of whom are top athletes. They now perform better than ever before. The results were so rapid clients did not understand how could that happen. They started to call it...

"A Miracle Technique."

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